Our Story

A passion for the sweeter things in life has always been something close to Wendy Goh's heart. A good dessert can turn any frown upside down, so when Wendy converted to a completely plant-based lifestyle, she found that her options were suddenly limited. 

With an education in commercial cookery and a Chef certificate in hand, Wendy knew what her next calling was. In November 2016, Gelato 101 was born and blessed the streets of Cottesloe with completely vegan gelato, thickshakes, cakes and waffles just to name a few. 

Wendy prides herself in her fussy taste buds and her particular vision for vegan delicacies. Apart from gelato, Gelato 101 offers a vegan spin on many classic desserts such as the; gelato cake, macaron, souffle, tiramisu, brioche and mont blanc. She aims to bring a variety of tasty vegan goodness to everyone. 

After all, there is no need for all the delicious treats that we have grown to love, to be absent from our lives!