Our Gelato Flavours

Here at Gelato 101, we pride ourselves on our authentic gelato flavours and the rich vegan experience we provide the community. All our gelato flavours are gluten free and are made with love. 

  • Fruit flavours (seasonal , all natural, no artificial flavours or colours): Lemon, coconut, strawberry, mango passionfruit, watermelon, raspberry, mango
  • Creamy flavours (no artificial colours but contains one artificial flavour, vanillin.): dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, salted caramel, banana toffee, purple taro, wild berry vanilla, apple pie, coconut pandan, green tea, peanut butter white chocolate, coconut mango, macadamia, roasted almond with caramelised fig

Sugar-Free Flavours

  • Refined Sugar Free flavour (low GI, no artificial colour): coconut with grape sugar 
  • Sugar free fruit flavour: raspberry, strawberry, mango passionfruit, mango (pre-order needed)
  • Sugar free Creamy Flavour (no artificial colour): dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate (pre-order needed)